Five Things to Look Out for Before Signing up with a Cricket Betting Site

There are so many different cricket betting sites out there that you can sign up with that it would be really foolish of you to just register with the first one you come across, There are many different criteria that you should analyse before you open an account with a bookie but, luckily for you, we have done the hard work for you. Below we have given you a list of the most important things to look out for when choosing a site to bet on cricket.

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The Welcome Offer

When we encounter a great deal on the Internet, the majority of us will be wary about its legitimacy, and we are right to do so because there are too many crooks out there nowadays. However, when it comes to sports betting bonuses, you have nothing to worry about as they are legit. Okay, you will have a number of T&Cs that you must adhere to, but this is still better than having to use your own money to bet on cricket. Sportsbooks have to provide attractive welcome bonuses to try and attract new players and offer exciting promos in order to prevent their current players leaving and signing up with another online sportsbook. However, not all bonuses and promos are created equally. For instance, some bookie will offer a £10 free bet as a Welcome Bonus, while another might be happy to match your first deposit up to £100. So, you should look around before you settle on a bookie.

Cricket Betting Markets

The more markets a bookie has available, the more attractive they should be to you. There are many different markets for cricket betting now that if you open an account with the right sportsbook, you will be making sure that you never end up getting bored. So, before you sign up, check out the cricket markets that they offer and if it is limited, look elsewhere - it is not like there are many other choices available. You can find some of the best bookies for British sports betting fans at

Best Cricket Odds

If you want to win some decent money, then you obviously need to have some decent odds on offer. The only way to ensure that this is the case is obviously by registering with a sportsbook that provides competitive odds. You could also consider opening an account with a few bookies so that when there is an event that you would like to bet on, you can compare the odds between your bookies and then bet with the bookie that offers the best odds. A great way to check whether a sportsbook has decent cricket odds is to check the odds for the coin toss - if they are 1.90, then it is a sure sign that they provide competitive odds.

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Customer Support

If a sportsbook has customer support that leaves a lot to be desired, then they should be avoided like the plague as it is something that will only lead to issues further down the line. There is a good way to see if a bookie has good customer care and that is by contacting them with a mock issue. If they then take ages to reply or give you answers that clearly do not solve your fake problem, then you know their customer support is poor and you should look elsewhere.


When you are searching for a new online betting site to sign up with and you find one that you know little about, you should want to find out whether it has good security measures in place. After all, you do not want to deposit your hard-earned cash with a bookie only to then sign in the next day and see that your money is missing and you cannot get in contact with their customer care service. Therefore, before you take the plunge and sign up with a sportsbook, you should do some research to ensure that it is secure and safe.

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